History and background - NOKOBIT

With the focus on the international arena, in the early 1990s, Gunnar Christensen, Tor J. Larsen and Bjørn Otto Elvenes discussed the need for a Norwegian "water hole" as a supplement to well-known academic measures such as ICIS, ECIS, IRMA or IFIP. The underlying interest lies, of course, in the term "meaning". We can recognize that the world is increasingly being influenced by or a result of (information) technology development. We built on the simple recognition that IT itself does not understand anything - meaning is a genuine human trait. Therefore, our focus is on opinion formation, meaning content and the consequences of people having an opinion.

We paid particular attention to four practical topics:

The conference has from the first day used "review process" and accepted articles, work seminars or other things of interest. The conference provides room for presentation, dedicated comments (discussion) and discussion. Since we also have a practical sense (sometimes?) We assumed that our intention could best be taken care of through an annual conference. We established collaborations between BI, the College of Agder, the University of Bodø, NHH and NTNU to ensure the implementation of an annual conference of 1 1/2 day duration, but somewhat good news - which has largely led to the conference starting with a pre-activity in 1/2 day, followed by the actual conference. The conference was held for the first time in June 1993 and even went through 1998 with the cooperative institutions. However, the number of conferences on the international arena is increasing. June has become a very popular month for such professional activity. Gunnar E. Christensen made brave attempts to arrange NOKOBIT in Bergen in June 1999. But alas, Bergen received too few contributions.