Call for Papers

NOKOBIT is a well-established national conference on information science / information systems, and addresses issues related to the development, implementation and use of ICT in organizations, as well as social issues related to ICT. The conference offers a common arena for researchers and practitioners who are interested in developing knowledge within the field.

Contributions to the conference can be written in Norwegian or English. All contributions must be original and not published or under simultaneous review anywhere else. The maximum length of the article is 14 pages. In addition to submitting a regular contribution, we also invite proposals for panel discussions. Such proposals should include a summary of what is to be discussed and who should sit in the panel - and these should be requested by the proposer himself and have accepted. New of the year is that we also invite short contributions with deadline just before the conference.

Format and submission

Article contribution format

Submissions for review must be submitted via EasyChair

Submission of the final version is done by uploading in EasyChair

Small grants

As last year, there is also the possibility of submitting small contributions ("Call for Short Papers") by 1 November. Small grants are on 2-6 pages and can describe projects in the initial phase, ongoing work and completed work that is professionally interesting but which does not fit exactly as ordinary article. Ph.D. work is particularly interesting. Small grants are assessed by one or more NOKOBIT board members for relevance and academic interest, but they are NOT peer-reviewed in the normal way. The submitters normally do NOT receive written comments, and the contribution is NOT merit (even if it is published in a separate section of the conference report) ..

The purpose is to create even better communication about the research and the business cooperation that takes place in the NOKOBIT environment. But we do NOT want small contributions that have the main purpose of promoting a particular company or product.

We will spend time at the conference for very short presentations of small contributions in plenary according to the following rules: two minutes and one light sheet per contribution. The light sheet must be submitted the day before by email. Focus on: problem, why the problem is important, what we find out / create / achieve, which research method one uses, how what one finds / makes / achieves will help solve the problem, plans further and whether it is something one likes want help from others on NOKOBIT.

Assessment and publication

All ordinary article contributions will normally be peer reviewed by 3 anonymous and independent reviewers. The contributions do not need to be anonymized (but we accept anonymous contributions). Accepted ordinary article contributions will normally be published electronically in conference report in the NOKOBIT series (e-ISSN 1894-7719), which is currently published by Bibsys Open Journal Systems and which is meritorious at level 1.

Small grants will NOT be peer-reviewed and are NOT merit. They will normally be published in the NOKOBIT series, but in a separate section for short contributions so that it is clear that the contributions are not peer-reviewed and merit. In addition, all small contributions must have the words "(Short Contribution)", "(Extended Summary)", "(Short Paper)" or "(Extended Abstract)" in the title..

However, we make the following requirements for publication in the conference report (applies to both ordinary and short contributions): the final version is delivered within the deadline and in the correct format at least one of the article's authors register and participate in the conference and present the work. If none of the authors attend the conference and present the work, the contribution may be removed from the conference report.

In very special cases, however, a submitted manuscript may still be rejected editorially without being sent out to reviewers, if there are obvious shortcomings that make it meaningless to review the work (eg plagiarism, same work already published elsewhere earlier) , no scientific content or theme far beyond NOKOBIT's area of interest). In case a contribution is rejected due to academic dishonesty (eg, plagiarism, or article that is autogenously defaced), the refund and justification for it will be communicated not only to the person who submitted the contribution, but also potentially to the place of learning / research institution in which it is is employed, and possibly to the one who has been tried plagiarized in the work.